Smoke and fire detection systems (i.e. SmoCAM)

Targeted end-users


The intelligent SAFERS "Smoke and Fire Detection Systems" service is designed for the early detection of fire and smoke. It uses an artificial intelligence-based model powered by optical sensors in the field. The service, also known as SmoCAM, analyzes near-real-time images from surveillance cameras to detect the presence of smoke and fire.

SmoCAM operates in the visible spectrum and relies on high-definition IP surveillance cameras to detect smoke plumes, providing a rapid response to potential forest fires. It uses advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques to ensure accurate detection in a variety of environments, including natural areas, urban areas, parks, cultural sites and more.

Key features of the service include smoke plume detection, forest fire location estimation based on camera coordinates, direction monitored, and estimated distance to the fire, as well as a multi-channel notification system providing essential information on detected events.

The main functionalities of this Intelligent Service are:

• Smoke plum detection. SmoCAM detects smoke plumes in both natural and urban contexts, no matter if the images are shot at ground level or are aerial ones, and correctly distinguishes smoky from foggy pictures.

• Wildfire location estimation. Given the location of the camera, the geographical direction that the camera is monitoring and an approximated distance of the wildfire from the camera the service provides an estimation of the coordinates of the event to guide the personnel.

Notification system. SmoCAM outputs are multichannel notifications that contain information about the name and position of the camera that has detected the wildfire, timestamp of the detection, distance, direction and location of the event and a link to the latest frame acquired.

Wildfire management phase: detection and response; adaptation and restoration.


Image example captured by SAFERS “Smoke and fire detection system (i.e., SmoCAM)”

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