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SAFERS Social media analysis

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This SAFERS service is a 24/7 monitoring tool that uses artificial intelligence to collect forest fire information from Twitter. It enables real-time detection, event tracking and classification of wildfire-related content for emergency management scenarios. Twitter was chosen as the primary platform due to its API availability to access data, although data availability may be subject to platform policies.

Key features of the SAFERS service include real-time classification of content, extraction of relevant images, generation of aggregated statistics to summarize ongoing events, detection of real-time events and estimation of their impact on affected people, areas, and property.

Using SAFERS, decision-makers and social media managers can access a clear summary of wildfire-related events, thanks to the extraction and structuring of information. However, it is important to note that the use of artificial intelligence can sometimes lead to errors or incorrect identifications, despite efforts to improve accuracy. In such cases, manual verification is necessary to correct inaccuracies and reinforce the overall reliability of the system.

Wildfire management phase: prevention and preparedness; detection and response.

Example of a map displaying detected events in Europe (image on the left) together with an Example of data intake (tweets) for the social module on the subject "wildfires" (image on the right).

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